Finding our North Star

ss18 scarf-3I believe in mission statements. Whether it is for a trip, a business idea, community organization, or dinner party…knowing why we are doing what we do is imperative to our sense of accomplishment. This does not mean I sit down and write a “statement of intent” each time I set a new goal, but it does mean that I have spent some time in contemplating my motives for pretty much everything in my life.

I’ve come up with some general themes in why I do what I do, as I have built all kinds of things in my life and then decided to move on to what is next. I used to concern and confuse myself with my unending desire for “what was next”, as if I needed to fill some kind of void instead of honor my process.

My themes tend to stay the same: Create, Connect, and Learn. I will always want to create new things, I will always want to connect with others wholeheartedly, and I will never end my desire to learn and share that information. And so, I begin my next round of Workerby Workshops starting this week. I am offering each workshop in both Fargo/Moorhead and Minneapolis/Saint Paul, as my heart and business are in both places.

In Motivation, Momentum, and the Moon, we will talk about finding our own North Star. It is essential to creating goals with heart and that electric energy that makes our intentions and ideas a reality. We will also talk about the cycles of creativity, the dynamics of creative momentum, and how to work with the nature of the moon to synch up your creative process to the inherent “practical magic” of nature.

Excited to see you there.

xoxoMiss Anna Lee

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