Reflecting on life changes and choices

Working on my largest collection of hats to date, I am doing a lot of thinking whilst hand stitching. The interesting thing is that although the circumstances of my life change and evolve, there are certain things that stay the same. I have been thinking of getting this site back up and running- and happened to come back to it today to review what I wrote nearly 5 years ago. There are some shifts, to be certain. Major ones that I will write about soon enough. But it is so interesting to come back to some ideas that have been a part of me for years. I contemplated deleting past posts, going after a fresh start. But I now feel that may do a disservice to the documentation of my process. It’s so easy to present a tidy picture online- and I will certainly spare us all the emotional details- but being a creative human can be a messy affair and I am not about to pretend that things have not been messy over the years.

I’ve got some fun things brewing that I look forward to sharing. I’ve also got some of the serious stuff waiting to come out through the keyboard soon as well. I’ll try to keep a good balance of the two. In the meantime, I will be updating my *About* page shortly, so I figured I would preserve the “me” of five years ago (the one who apparently already knew she needed to move on from her role at MNfashion) right here:

“I am using this blog to begin collecting ideas of what people are doing on a global, local and personal level to address the need for sustainable options for fashion and apparel. This begins with re-use*reduce*recycle, but it goes much deeper than that. My goal is to bring together these ideas and to tell the stories of the people that are redefining what it means to be fashionable in a consumer-driven society, as well as the stories of  people who make a living making things to wear.

Over the last several years, I have worked with an amazing group of people to found MNfashion, an organization that supports and promotes the development of the independent fashion industry in Minneapolis/St Paul. Since my side project has now become my full-time gig, it makes sense that this project has come about to fill my constant need for a *side project*.

Also- I am a self-taught milliner and am interested in honing my skills as I figure out how to make a living making hats. I would like to learn traditional methods from different places around the globe and hope to intertwine these two goals through documentation on this site.

My hats:

workerby insta10xoxo,

Miss Anna Lee

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