Portland, OR: Portland Garment Factory

Portland Garment Factory

I had the honor of spending a couple of days with Britt Howard of  Portland Garment Factory. Things were hectic and busy- they have about 40 clients currently and their orders have grown so much that they have had to remove the boutique from the front of their studio to make room for additional machines to meet their orders. Started in 2008, PGF is a cut and sew facility that also does sample sewing, pattern-making, design consultations. They recently relocated from a smaller space to their location in SE Portland. I’d imagine they will be continuing to grow and may need a new location soon. I took the photos on a slower day, Saturday, as the space was near capacity any of the other days with the sewers, production team and a steady stream of designers stopping by. There is no doubt that this is a needed resource in Portland, and I’d like to see similar facilities develop throughout the independent fashion hot spots throughout the country. Britt is quickly becoming a dear friend to me and I am sure that this is the first in many posts I will be making about the work they are doing.

Saturday at PGF

Wall Art

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