Invigorated and Leaving Town

photo taken during my last trip- buenos aires, argentina

Tomorrow morning, I take off for a two week trip. I’ll be heading west with the cities of Portland, Seattle and Vancouver, BC as my main destinations. The plans for this trip all started when I began talking with Britt Howard of the Portland Garment Factory in Portland, OR. We quickly realized how much we had in common- not only in our desire to promote sustainable manufacturing for designers in an independent market, but also a background in fine art and a strong creative streak. I’ll be connecting with her and other like-minded folks along the way and post my adventures on this blog as I find the time.

All of this fits in nicely with the fact that I have been investigating a bit of the history of fashion in the Twin Cities. From attending the MNfashion Seminar featuring Linda McShannock of the Minnesota Historical Society,  to connecting with past and present MSP designers and learning more about their stories, there is a rich history begging to be mapped out.

So much in store. But first, a night spent celebrating the music and fashion of Minneapolis/St. Paul: K.Jurek’s 5 Year Anniversary Show and Racktacular II. Let’s hope I can get up in the morning in time to pick up my travel companions!

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