An Experiment that Should Become the Norm

Michael Kamber for The New York Times

There was a recent article in the New York Times about a factory in the Dominican Republic that is working to create a new paradigm in manufacturing: actually paying their workers a living wage. Amazing. They are also doing quite a bit of marketing with the merchandise, which is smart. I don’t think too many people stop to think that when they purchase clothing or accessories that it was more than likely made by someone who is NOT making a living wage, when the work required to make it is actually skilled labor and should be treated as such.

I love this photo they used for the article. It shows a mutual appreciation that is woven throughout the article.  With more visibility to models like this, it is more likely that people will begin to demand sustainably manufactured goods, just as they currently demand organic or local food. When the TRUE cost of a garment is understood, just as the true cost of food, the more balanced and informed decisions we can all make.


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